The Race at the Lakes is a family fun event with no official timing. Every child receives a medal as they cross the finish line!

Age Groups and Distances

Age 6 & Under:
25 yard (1 lap) swim, 1 mile (1 lap) bike, 1/4 mile run

Ages 7-8: 
50 yard (2 lap) swim, 1 mile (1 lap) bike, 1/2 mile run

Ages 9-10:
75 yard (3 lap) swim, 2 mile (2 laps) bike, 1/2 mile run

Ages 11-12:
75 yard (3 lap) swim, 3 mile (3 laps) bike, 1 mile run

Ages 13-14:
100 yard (4 lap) swim, 3 mile (3 laps) bike, 1 mile run


Registration is $30 prior to July 1, and $35 afterward. You are able to pay via PayPal or credit card, or make checks payable to Lakes of Aurora Athletics and mail to Lakes of Aurora Athletics at 755 Lake Trail, Aurora, OH 44202. Only those who register and pay prior to July 26 are guaranteed a race t-shirt.

There is no race day registration. The field size is limited to 100 participants.


The event begins at the Lakes of Aurora main pool, located at 630 Countrywood Trail. (map)


Triathlon 101

Triathlon (definition)

An athletic event comprising of three consecutive activities: swimming, bicycling, and running. 

What you need to participate

A smile and a great attitude!


  • Swim Suit

  • Cap

  • Goggles

  • Sunscreen


Allowed bikes include two-wheelers, bikes with training wheels and tricycles.

  • Helmet (mandatory; no helmet, no race)

  • Shoes

  • Socks

  • Sunglasses


  • Shirt

  • Race number (provided; should be attached to athlete during the run)

  • Shoes

  • Socks

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses

What athletes and parents need to know

Race packet pick up

Friday, August 16:
2:00 - 6:00 PM at 755 Lake Trail (map)

Saturday, August 17 (race day):
8:00 - 8:40 AM at The Lakes of Aurora clubhouse (map)


  1. Before leaving home, please go over your child’s bike. Check and tighten the bolts, and make sure that it is in working order. Check the air pressure of the bike tires.

  2. Apply sunscreen before coming to race, so you will be ready to be body marked.

  3. Arrive on time (8:00 AM). The transition area closes at 8:45.

  4. Get parked and unloaded in the designated parking area.

  5. Find your spot in the transition area (it will be clearly marked with volunteers to help you).

  6. Place your bike and other race items in transition by your marked bike spot, and head to registration.

  7. Check in at the registration table.

  8. Get body marked (your race number is written with marker on arms and calf).

Transition area

  1. Set up your transition area - get your bike positioned, and your helmet and shoes ready.

  2. Review the transition area entrances and exits, so you know where you are going.

  3. No riding bikes in the transition area. You will walk your bike out to the mount line, and walk it back to the bike spot before you proceed to the run course.

  4. Make sure you know where your bike spot is from each direction.

  5. The transition area closes at 8:45 AM. After it closes, only athletes and volunteers are allowed back into the transition area during the race.

  6. There will be volunteers in the transition area to help any child with shoes, helmets, or anything they might need.

Swim area

  1. Be at the pool at 8:45 AM, lined up with your Swim Wave. The race starts at 9:00 AM.

  2. Parents can stand on the clubhouse deck to see their child swim. You have a separate exit so that you can see them in Transition or on the bike course. Please remember that all athletes have the "right of way."

Bike course

  1. Athletes must wear a bike helmet.

  2. Athletes must ride and stay on the right side of the road.

  3. When passing on the bike course, an audible "passing on your left" must be given. Once the pass is completed, move back to the right side of the road.

The purpose of this is to ensure safety and to keep the flow of traffic moving.

Run course

  1. Parents will want to head towards the run course so that you can see their children finish.

  2. There will be volunteers, signs, yellow tape, and cones throughout the race area. Please use caution when crossing any pavement while the race is in progress. Please listen to the volunteers if they ask you to wait, as this is for the safety of all athletes.

  3. Athletes have the right of way, please yield to all athletes.

  4. There is one aid station with water on the run course.

  5. There will be no official timing. You can wear your own timing watch.

  6. Each child receives a medal when they cross the finish line.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Can I use a kickboard in the pool? -Yes.

Will there be lifeguards? -Yes, on the pool deck and in the water if needed.

Can I ride with training wheels? -Yes.

Can I ride a tricycle? -Yes.

Can I walk during the run if I need to? -Yes.

Can my parents be in the bike transition area during the race? -No.

Can my Mom or Dad do the race? -No, only kids 14 and under.

What do I wear? -Swim suit, then you can put on shorts and a shirt. Whatever you are comfortable racing in.

Will there be water on the bike course? -No. The run course? -Yes.

What do I get for my registration fee? -A race shirt, a finisher’s medal, the race experience, and good post race food.

If I do not want to race, can I volunteer? -Yes! To volunteer, visit our Volunteers page.

Can my parents volunteer? -Yes.